Ardbeg Auriverdes – the Islay keepy uppy   You thought the Peat Week here on Edinburgh Whisky Blog was over, didn’t you? Ha! Here comes a bonus track, hidden behind a full weekend’s-worth of silence. [...]
The anCnoc Peaty Collection: Rutter, Flaughter & Tushkar What a difference a week makes. This time last week I had no idea how sensitive a soul Hoban is (well, actually, I’ve always known he’s a romantic at heart), what with his [...]
EWB Experiments: Peat Ladies and Gentlemen… let me set the scene for you. It was a dark and putrid night and a top-secret emergency meeting had been called at Edinburgh Whisky Blog Towers. Lucas, [...]
Peat for starter, main and sweet It is Peat Week here at EWB! A whole week of nothing but tasty, tasty peat, but we all know (or so sensible Doctor Tiger informs us) that you can’t survive solely on [...]
A relationship with peat When we discussed this “celebration of peat” week as a team, we each looked at what we would contribute. We didn’t discuss too much what we would actually [...]
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Lady Of The Glen