EWB’s 6th Birthday Bash Unbelievably, a whole year has passed since the last blog birthday – it was a fairly epic night if the photos on my phone are anything to go by, so in true EWB fashion [...]
You know nothing, Grey Goose For a humble whisky blogger used to Charlie MacLean’s moustache being the hottest celebrity on the events circuit, a bash such as last night’s Grey Goose martini [...]
Harviestoun, Beercast, Edinburgh Whisky Blog & Drinkmonger: A dram & a beer Part 1 When Euan from Harviestoun got in touch, and suggested a beer and whisky matching evening with him and the brilliant folks from Beercast (you really have to read their blog), [...]
Ardbeg Auriverdes – the Islay keepy uppy   You thought the Peat Week here on Edinburgh Whisky Blog was over, didn’t you? Ha! Here comes a bonus track, hidden behind a full weekend’s-worth of silence. [...]
The anCnoc Peaty Collection: Rutter, Flaughter & Tushkar What a difference a week makes. This time last week I had no idea how sensitive a soul Hoban is (well, actually, I’ve always known he’s a romantic at heart), what with his [...]
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Glenlivet Distillery
Midleton Dair Ghaelach Irish Oak