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Lucas and I have a simple idea. We want to try as many different Scotch whiskies as possible and review them. Brilliant!

Apart from our personal opinion we want to give you background information about reviewed whiskies and tell you where you can buy them in Edinburgh and on the net.

There is a number of excellent whisky bars in Edinburgh and we felt it would be useful for visitors and locals alike, if we were to base some of our posts on our experience in the Edinburgh bar scene. It gives us a good excuse to go out and be sociable too.

We are going to theme our tasting nights and try and cover as many interesting whiskies and whisky bars as possible. There are excellent restaurants and hotels with good whisky collections in town. We will certainly visit them too.

Other plans for Blog entries include: news from the whisky world, interviews with top whisky experts, cocktail making, whisky website reviews, whisky shop reviews, Irish and American whiskey tasting, Japanese whisky tasting and, if we get a chance, tastings of other weird and wonderful spirits of the world.

We will hopefully get some guest writers from the world of whisky to share their opinions and ideas.

Sounds good? Then pop in as often as you can. There is something new here every day!

Slàinte Mhath!



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