The Macallan 18 Sherry Oak

Chris and I had an exam yesterday so we met up at uni a wee bit earlier to revise. We ended up chatting about whisky, we are honestly getting all obsessed and predictable but never mind. Yadi yadi yada, the conversation was flowing, I relaxed, dropped my guard an inch or two and all of sudden – BANG! I ended up with the biggest black eye in the world, the most dreaded task of writing something about That whisky. Trouble, trouble.

So here we are, me and the old laptop, lost for words, thrilled, still in shock and in awe. Facing the impossible task, the hardest of challenges, reaching for the Holy Grail of whisky bloggers, writers, maniacs and enthusiasts of any sort. Describing the one and only: Macallan 18.


Now some actual information…

All whisky of The Macallan Sherry Oak range is matured exclusively in European Oak casks seasoned for two years with Spanish sherry from Jerez. In Scotland they are filled with new make spirit and just left in a warehouse for… well in this case at least 18 years. Dead simple.

…and a taste

Nose: Expected sherry richness but got so much more! Spring freshness of crushed fruit, hot chocolate, sweet cream, melon, raspberry jam, Cadbury’s chocolate chips and a pleasant savoury note… It’s grand. Heavy but still balanced. I just can’t get enough of it, don’t even want to taste it. Well ok, I do.

Palate: Oh God, a universe of sweetness on the entry transforms into delicate oaky dryness and then back to fruit, fruit, fruit! It challenges the essence of my soul, I tell you guys. Leaves me in a state of disconnection…

Finish: Medium long and sweet, tingly, sticky and beautiful. Develops towards toffee and then dies smoothly and quietly.

I shall remain silent now and contemplate the price of a bottle in despair. Soon you will be able to buy my belongings on eBay. They might be worth something one day…


Well what can I say about Macallan 18? It honestly blew me away and it destroyed it’s counterparts on the night at Teuchters. I was tempted to, then and there, buy a bottle or two. A very dangerous whisky to try if you need to pay rent or buy your girlfriend’s birthday present, as the chances are you will forget both for this whisky.

Nose: I swear Macallan could make perfume from this smell.

Palate: Christmas cake, honey ,caramel, chocolate. It gives you a warm comforting feeling. A hug in a whisky glass. It made all of my troubles and cares dissapear for a moment.

Btw, I am sure our readers feel sorry for your plight  and black eye, Lucas. It’s a tough job having to taste and write about amazing whisky but someone has to do it. You are a real trooper.

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