Rosebank distillery deader than ever!

You thought Rosebank distillery has been dead since 1997? Well, not quite but it definitely is now.

Distilling equipment belonging to a former prize-winning distillery near Falkirk has been stolen. Central Scotland Police said the copper and steel equipment, worth a six-figure sum, was taken from the Rosebank distillery in Camelon. source

I guess now, more than ever, is the time to buy yourself a bottle of this tripple-distilled Scotch whisky. Whether you are a collector or you just want to try it before it’s ridiculously expensive.

With the thief, Chris and I reckon someone should… never mind, children might be reading.



  1. Hi guys… I’m an Interior Architecture student studying in Edinburgh and for my final year project I’m using the Rosebnk Distillery at Camelon Road, Falkirk as my host building. I want to create a project that holds the integrity of the building… something that is sensitive to it’s original use and something that would appeal to all those Rosebank whisky lovers out there. Bearing in mind that recreating the building as a fully functioning distillery is (as i’ve read many many times) financially impossible without large investments, I would love some feedback on what people might like to see happen with the building….

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