Blanton’s Gold Edition

Blanton's Gold EditionBlanton’s* is one of the brands of the Buffalo Trace distillery in Kentucky. Other whiskeys and bourbons made by them include big names such as Buffalo Trace (obviously), Eagle Rare, Ancient Age or Van Winkle.

Lucas: I am a real bourbon convert. I used to snub it, I was being a classic example of a Scotch-whisky-is-superior twit. But with age comes the wisdom. First I accepted Irish nectar, then rum, Japanese whisky and eventually, after hesitating somewhat, the noble bourbon. Now I can’t get enough of this stuff! I admit that my idea to do a wee “Battle of the Nations” derived purely from the craving for a tasty Yank. And when I saw the list in Hotel Du Vin I was being one happy bunny in the Rainy City…

Chris: Sitting in the Hotel Du Vin, me and Lucas were deliberating over our choice to represent the Americans. As I have mentioned recently I quite like my American whiskeys, so I had tried most of the ones featuring on the list. But neither of us had had Blanton’s Gold Edition, so we thought, why not? And thank God we did! This bourbon is simply great. It’s only for export which is cruel, because this is the best bourbon I have ever tasted. Unlucky America.

It’s cask strength, but you would never know. It has so much flavour and is so enjoyable that you barely notice the 51.5% alcohol.

So why do we think it’s so good?

Chris: Perfume, melons, pears, caramel and strawberries. A very rich nose.
Lucas: Peary and melony (we didn’t compare the notes then), gorgeous sweet cherries, light caramel and vanilla icing.

C: Apples, honey and vanilla. Creamy, not harsh. I could drink it all day.
L: Sweet and bourbony, could keep it in my mouth for hours. Rum raisins sweetness and fresh cream.

L: Numbs my tongue funnily (the strength), sour apples coming out. Rather short.

With water it becomes a bit sharper, spicier and more grapey on the nose. Palate – forget it, it drowns. Some whiskies just don’t take water, end of story.

Normally we write longer posts, but I think this time its simple. Go and find this Whiskey, buy it and drink it. It’s awesome. £50.99
We would happily pay: £40

*Colonel Albert Bacon Blanton 1881-1959

In 1984, the world’s first single barrel bourbon to be marketed commercially was released under the label “Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon.” Named in honor of Col. Albert B. Blanton, it seemed a fitting tribute to a man who spent a lifetime preserving the tradition of handcrafted bourbon.

Col. Blanton worked at the Buffalo Trace Distillery from the age of 16. He ran the distillery through prohibition, recession and natural disasters. It never closed and got special government licence during prohibition.


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