Ardbeg Supernova tasted

John Hansell, Malt Advocate publisher & editor just posted his review of Ardbeg Supernova on his blog. Here is a chunk of his text that is most interesting to us and also a link, so that you can read the whole thing. We will publish our review of Ardbeg Supernova as soon we get a sample of our own (if you’re reading this down in Ardbeg, this is a wee hint for you).

Identifiably richer, fuller, and smokier on the nose when compared to other young Ardbegs. While still prominent, there’s slightly less brine and seaweed, more earthiness, tar, soot, espresso, tobacco, grass, and chocolate fudge. The same goes for the palate. It starts out like a “slightly more gutsy than normal” cask strength, young Ardbeg (e.g., Renaissance) and, if you go into this experience expecting to be totally blown away by peat, tar and smoke, you might feel a bit under-challenged initially. But the peat eventually builds to a powerful, lava-like crescendo and you eventually realize that this is no ordinary Ardbeg. The length of the finish is seemingly endless, bold and warming. Through all this, there’s a soft underbelly of ripe barley and a vanilla sweetness to balance at least some of the tar, heat, and smoke-something I admire in many Ardbegs.

Read the full thing here

Thanks very much, John. It makes my mouth water.

For now I’m back to my tasting: Ardbeg Renaissance vs. Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist. Results of this little civil war will be posted soon, so keep at least one eye affixed on our blog.



  1. I have been lucky enough to sample both Ardbeg Supernova and Bruichladdich Octomore. I go along with most of John’s comments on the Supernova, especially the “crescendo” – what I liked was the depth and finish of the dram. The Octomore I felt did not have the same complexity or length of finish, but because I like peat, it was definatley a tasty dram! At the moment I have positioned them side by side on the gantry and asked the customers for comments. So far I’m still waiting, but then these peat monsters do come at a price.

  2. I was just looking at your bar website. You have an amazing array of Whiskies. I think Lucas and I will have to make a trip up. Could be very dangerous for our wallets though!!!

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