Aliens and whisky auctions

An alien and his collectionIf you are a whisky alien* and you live in the UK, the next few weeks will be mega busy for you. Two great whisky auctions are coming up in two Scotland’s famous auction houses.

McTear’s in Glasgow will be selling 703 lots on the 25th of February. Rare Port Ellens, bargain lots of modern bottlings as well as a few miniatures caught our eye when browsing the catalogue.

The second one is even more interesting. Bonhams Edinburgh will be trying to sell 411 lots including a range of ceramic miniatures, a few collectable Ardbegs, a rare Old Pulteney 8yo and a bottle of Mortlach 50yo distilled in 1936 (estimate on that is merely £300-400). Viewings are available 1-4 March in Bonhams, 22 Queen Street, Edinburgh.

Good luck bidding!

Edinburgh Whisky Blog won’t be there. I’m afraid we will be too busy actually drinking whisky. Because whisky is for drinking, right?


*For those of you who don’t know, whisky aliens (Alienus Uisgebeathansis also known as collectors) are those lovely fellows who know absolutely everything about whisky but don’t actually drink it**. Some of them do it because of the liver damage they caused to themselves when they were young and beautiful (like us). Others, and we know it’s hard to believe, do so because they find pleasure in just looking at their bottles.

** We only say those nasty things about the noble race of aliens-collectors because we can’t afford to collect ourselves. It is, indeed, envy and we are not ashamed of it. It’s human to err.


  1. Don’t forget that some people have whisky collections because they have bought more whisky than they could ever possibly drink!

    Unfortunately I cannot, and likely will never be able to, include myself in this category as I also can’t afford to collect (I’ve only got four un-opened bottles, and that’s the most ever). I would be too worried that at some point far in the future some (as yet unborn) snot-nosed offspring would plough into my (by then no doubt priceless) treasured hoard. It’s just not worth the risk :)

  2. People who buy more whisky that they can drink are a totally different category of aliens:D

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