Optimism and Whisky

We have all heard about the Credit Crunch. Banks going down, Governments spending vast amounts of our tax money trying to save the situation, etc. It makes it frightening to look at the front pages of newspapers, so instead myself and Lucas tend to spend most of our time looking at the back pages (sport, it never changes) and keeping an eagle eye out for whisky news.

Really, the most stressed people when it comes to the economic meltdown will be those that were working in London’s financial district. If any city people (stockbrokers, hedge-fund managers, politicians) are reading this, step away from the ledge, put the gun down, because never fear, the Whisky industry is here to help.

The specialist Whisky maker, Compass Box Whisky have made a specific whisky called Optimism, to help those that are particularly anxious.

Optimism is lightly peated. It is going to be a limited bottling available at Whisky live London. There will be 170 bottles. You better get your skates on if you are going to get a bottle. Whisky Live London began today and finishes tomorrow.

The main message of the Optimism project is to ‘be brave, be optimistic and envision wild success’

I would say this is mine and Lucas’s motto also.



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  2. Tasted this on Saturday and it was delicious. An absolute bargain.

    Already kicking myself for not having bought two of them :)

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