New way of reading our blog (and all the others)

I know it was supposed to be about the Diageo Claive Vidiz collection today, but we are still making some final touch-ups there. We feel that the biggest whisky collection in the world deserves a little more than a few dry words.

But for now, completely off topic, we would like to recommend a brilliant web service: Tabbloid

I use it myself now (which means it has to be easy!) and I think it’s an inspired idea. You enter addresses of your favourite websites offering RSS feed, and receive emails with a PDF file that looks like a newspaper but comprises only of updates from your specified sites.

If you are interested, say, in whisky, motorbikes and golf, you could enter addresses of a few best blogs and news services around on those three topics, and the file you receive regularly to your email inbox is your personalised dream-magazine. No gardening, no fashion, no celebrities, no murders, no credit crunch.

So get your Tabbloid now, you don’t even need an account. And don’t forget to pop in the right box.

Have a great Sunday.


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