Quick Dram: Bowmore Dusk

Bowmore Dusk
Bordeaux finish
50% ABV
£49.99 from Here or Here

Colour: Pretty (as described by my female friend)

Nose: Charred, sweet exotic wood; leather, world of toffee, delicately flowery, sweet cocoa, pine needles, rich, complex, charming.

Palate: Super oaky, butter and cinnamon, pepper, fruit. Thick.

Finish: Wow! Long and evolving with hints of medicine, peat and serious oakiness.

Overall: Stupendous dram. Full marks.

Person: Al Pacino

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  1. This is one of my absolute favourite whiskies.
    Not sure about Al Pacino though, he’s a bit hard for a bordeaux finish.

  2. He’s a softy on the inside, dude:) Just like Dusk.

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