Worldwide Whisky Bars: Directory Development

After what Chris wrote about different whisky bars around the world and him dreaming of going and visiting them all, you flooded us with emails and Twitter messages recommending your favourite whisky-filled watering holes. Awesome work guys! Special thanks to Håvard Eide from Norway and Robert Ransom from Glenfarclas distillery (as I told you before, Glenfarclas people will be godfathers to my children).

The natural way for this to evolve now is for us to create a directory. And all the fancy modern IT and Geographic Information Systems mean that it can be much more fun than just a dry list. Let’s stick it all on a huge map, shall we? THIS is a very rough draft I have been working on. Please go and have a look, tell me what you think. Is it a good idea?

And now the most important thing. If the directory is to be serious, we need more and more places there = we need your help. Please let us know of any decent whisky/whiskey bars you know or heard of and we will check them all out and put them on the map/directory. This is what we have so far:

  1. Dr. Jekyll’s Pub – Oslo, Norway
  2. Under Bar – Oslo, Norway
  3. Republic Pub – Lillestrøm, Norway
  4. Grand Terminus – Bergen, Norway
  5. Kruts Karport – Kopenhagen, Denmark
  6. Kastrup Strandpark – Denmark
  7. Hielander – Alkmaar, The Netherlands
  8. L & B Café – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  9. The Brandy Library – New York City, USA
  10. D.B.A – New York City, USA
  11. Birds of a Feather – Baltimore, MD, USA
  12. Char No. 4 – Brooklyn, USA
  13. Pint’s Pub – Denver, CO, USA
  14. Duke of Perth – Chicago, USA
  15. The Dam Pub – Ontario, Canada
  16. The Shebeen Whisky House – Vancouver, Canada
  17. The Feathers Pub – Toronto, Canada
  18. The Highlander – Singapore
  19. Malt Vault – Singapore
  20. Bar Nemo – Tokyo, Japan
  21. L’arrière-cour – Taipei, Taiwan
  22. The Canny Man – Hong Kong
  23. The Britons Protection – Manchester, England
  24. The Mash Tun – Aberlour, Scotland
  25. The Highlander Inn – Craigellachie, Scotland


Another interesting thing I have for you today is that the ‘Malt Vault’ bar in Singapore has just acquired the whole range of Glenfarclas Family Cask bottlings (43 Single Cask whiskies, with one for each year from 1952 to 1994), and are now selling all of them by dram. There are only three bars in the world that do that, the other two being The Mash Tun in Aberlour, Scotland and Bar Nemo, in Tokyo.

Wondering if they offer discounts if you want to taste them all…


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