Laphroaig 25 yo Cask Strength

Laphroaig 25 yo Cask Strength
2008 bottling
Isle of Islay
£225 from Here

All that we see or seem,
Is but a dream within a dream.

- Edgar Allan Poe


The afternoon was unusually quiet and warm for Edinburgh. As I was walking up the Royal Mile I could smell the spring. It was getting darker.

Minutes later I was sitting at a small table by a semicircular window with Chris White, an old friend, staring at the clouds gathering over the Old Town. I did not know what was about to happen. Nothing could prepare me for what possibly was the most wholesome sensory experience of my life.


Colour: Wet straw, sepia, blunt brown

Nose: Elderflower, rusty bread oven, sweet grass, orange chutney or rich marmalade. A little deeper it unveils black olives, dry oakiness, hints of peat and tobacco. All underpinned by Laphroaig trademark salty seaweed.

With a drop of water it opens dried fruit cake, cherries, milk chocolate, maple syrup and rich caramel.

Palate: Enters with an explosion of sweetness, extraordinary. After a second or two the warming sensation hits and the mouth starts watering frantically. It’s gorgeously oily and tastes of peat, but not smoke, which I find unusual. Processed oranges, toastiness, touch of spice and a layer of underripe lemon.

Finish: Lingering peat, stewed apple, hoppy bitterness, wild berries. It’s seemingly eternal, keeps coming with waves and waves of flavour. After a month or so, leaves you with super delicate smoke and peat and you don’t know at that stage if it’s still there, or is it just your soul playing games with your mind.

Overall: Complete

Person: The one you love most


Special thanks to Chris White, without whom I would have just sat there in a state of disconnection, my pen not making any contact with the paper.



  1. It’s pretty fabulous, isn’t it. I got a tiny sip at a recent tasting – was sharing a 10cl sample between three :( , but even from that it was obvious that this was great stuff. Dying to have a proper dram of it at Feis Ile.

  2. Just seen it’s made your top 5! I thought as much.

  3. After such a pretentious review I kinda had to bump it to my Top 5;)

  4. I am thinking about updating my top five soon. Got to taste some Whiskies again and then revise my list. Or I might just make mine a top ten, or top twenty. Maybe top fifty? Its so hard choose :)

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  6. [...] and probably in my life. It’s expensive but it’s worth it. We have described it thoroughly here, but the bottom line is: bread oven, black olives, hints of peat and tobacco. Now this is a serious [...]

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