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I just want to let you know, guys, that I now write about whisky for Food Bloggers site, which is a part of California based Pro Bloggers Network. My articles will be published there every Monday. You are welcome to read my first entry here if you like.

You are also due a word or two of explanation. The title under which I go there, ‘The Whisky Expert’, was developed by Pro Bloggers Network to suit their purposes, and neither I nor any other member of the Edinburgh Whisky Blog team had anything to do with that decision. I do make a living out of dealing with whisky and whisky lovers, but I never made a claim to be an expert.




  1. What do you think about cooking with Whisky?

    We add Talisker to our Scottish Tablet and it tastes amazing. It adds a smokey flavour to the tablet.

    We get a lot of people asking for Malt Whisky Wedding Favours for the guys, and select the local distillery close to the happy couple, for an extra special touch.

    Interested to know what you guys think about adding whisky to food.

    I went to a chocolate and whisky tasting at the SMWS at thought it was great.



  2. I think cooking with Whisky can definitely work. I quite like doing a Whisky cream sauce with my haggis. I also quite like quite a honeyed Whisky with Salmon.

    At Amber Restaurant, we used the Macallan Amber Liquer with quite alot of the courses.(Although that could have been because we had cases and cases of the stuff!)

    A Whisky and Chocolate night at the SMWS would be an amazing night! Thinking about chocolate, I wonder what would be better, something really heavily sherried or something quite smokey?

    Nice website by the way. Put me in the mood for some tablet :)


  3. Sherried or Smokey?

    I had some Valrhona caraibe with Ardbeg 10, Lagavulin 16 and Talisker 10 last night, went a treat together. I reckon any of the smokey/peaty island malts would really compliment this chocolate (even highland park). Not sure how a sherried whisky would get along though. Perhaps sherried whiskys would go better with chocolate that is more fruity and honeyed or a milk chocolate like jivara lait rather than a chocolate that displays roasted coffee, pepper, nuts and treacle flavours. I think it depends on the chocolate.

    I do know that Heston Blumenthal used to serve chocolates flavoured with cigar smoke as petit fours.

    Also occasionally served is a “dish” called ‘Whisk(e)y Gums”. Like wine gums, but with whisk(e)y. 5 in total… each with a different whisk(e)y. Glenlivet 12, Oban 14, Laphroaig 10, Highland Park 12 and Jack Daniel’s single Barrel. Made in whisky bottle shapes, served on a photo frame map of Scotland (each one above its region) with some Glenlivet water. Picture here:


  4. To Josh: I think you should continue experimenting with different foods and Whisky. Maybe you could write a paper on it, then when you are ordering a banana split and an old pulteney 17, it would be all in the name of science ;)

  5. Gotta admire Extreme Whisky/Food matching! Putting your body on the line for a noble cause!

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