£50,000 Springbank up for grabs

J & A Mitchell and Co Ltd, the owners of Springbank Distillery, have just sold two of the three remaining bottles of their Springbank 50yo, distilled in 1919 and bottled in 1970. They were bought by The World Whisky Index, a Dutch whisky investment company. Only 24 bottles of this malt were ever produced.

The last one is now available from Springbank at a bargain price of £50,000.

This kind of money would buy you a small flat is some parts of the UK. It could also put you through very thorough education at one of the top universities. It would take you on a year-long trip around the world with a few friends. It would but you 1,666 bottles of Ardbeg Ten. Still not convinced? What if I say that it would supply countless families in one of the struggling countries with fresh water and high-protein food for a very long time?

And you know what? Some idiot will spend it on one bottle of whisky.


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