Alcohol: The Big Truth

Now, on this Blog and in other situations, we like to have a bit of a laugh and a joke about what we do for a living. We get to taste whisky and then write about it. It’s great! But there is a serious side too.

Alcohol, like anything else in life, has to be taken in moderation. Recent league tables put Scotland in the top ten drinking nations in the World. If there was a league table for abusing our bodies with food, alcohol and drugs, we would probably be near the top. This is not like being top of the Premier League. This is not a good thing.

So what do Lucas and I have to say for ourselves? Are we Devils in a Human form for promoting the Demon Drink? No, we are just 2 guys who appreciate whisky. And we think the important word in that sentence is ‘appreciate’. We take our time enjoying our drams. When it comes to something that has taken at least 10 years to make, it should be savoured. We are not saying we have never gone overboard, we have, but we have learnt from these times. And we continue to learn, because people learn all their lives.

Appreciating a whisky on a snowy day, a glass of wine with a steak, a cold pint after a bloody hard day at work, these are all times when alcohol enhances the mood, raises the spirits and makes the World look that little  bit better. It is not to be abused, but enjoyed.

So what do we think is the best thing to-do about alcohol? Education and Awareness! It is important to know how many units you are drinking a week and what is healthy for you. It is important you are responsible for your own drinking and it is important, that if you think you have a problem, you know where to get help.


In the UK it is recommended that you don’t exceed 2-3 units a day for women, 3-4 units a day for men.

A UK unit is 8g or 10ml of pure alcohol irrespective of the type of alcoholic beverage. A standard 25ml serving of Scotch Whisky contains one UK unit of alcohol.

For more information, please click:
Scotch Whisky Association Health Section
Drink Aware

We also highly recommend this tool (drink calculator and diary):
Drink Calculator and Diary


Important Notice:

Publishing this text is not our Lent Commitment, we mean this!

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