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A very popular website and one of the most popular whisky forums,, is closing down, it was announced by its creator on Wednesday.

In his explanation he stated that he is disillusioned about the whisky community in general, the prices of whisky soared too high and also he wants to spend more time with his son and practicing his beloved kung-fu. You can read the full thing here.

Jeroen and I experienced a minor clash in the past over me calling Glen Breton “stupid”. Despite the rocky start, grew to be one of my favourite whisky communities and I was truly sad to receive the news. On the other hand I understand the reasoning behind it and I wish Jeroen all the best in whatever he undertakes!



  1. Take it down? huh?
    Am I naive to think that the forum takes minimal maintenance and to take it down robs the world wide whisky interweave of a permanent resource?

    Whatever Jeroen’s reasons (couldn’t seem to follow link), clearing that record from eternal webdom is unfair to all who made it what it was.

  2. The link takes to his private site now. I’m not quite sure what’s happening to the content of the forum.

  3. Minor clash is even to big for what it was Lucas, hihi. Forums are there to discuss ;)

    Dr. Whisky: whatever I spent my time and money on I think I have the final say over :) Secondly, I passed *all* my content over to other whiskywebsites, so in all fairness I think I did a good thing there! It is all still available.

    Forum posts are not my property, they are the property of the people who posted them, I wont pass that on to someone else without the approval of everyone who made those posts.
    If you have any idea about the history of the forum (which only made a minor part of the whole site) you would understand.

    People talk too soon with too big words, like fair and unfair, with obviously having no clue what they are talking about. See one of my reasons to stop the site :)

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