Braking news! Whisky Bible 2010 by a different author!

Dram Good Books Ltd, the publisher of the world famous Whisky Bible announced that they have cancelled their agreement with Jim Murray, and he will not be the author of the 2010 edition of the famous whisky guide.

The reason for such a drastic move is said to be Mr. Murray’s financial expectations. A seven-figure sum was mentioned off record.

Among those tipped to take Jim’s place are Tim Forbes from The Whisky Exchange Blog, Joel & Neil from and… Chris and Lucas from Edinburgh Whisky Blog!

We are shocked, awed and honoured. Look out for the follow-up on this story…

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  1. I’m afraid that I can’t get out of bed for less than seven figures either – you guys have it :)

  2. I am with Tim on this one mate. You are on your own ;)

  3. Braking news?! I prefer ABS these days, but still remember having to use cadence braking in an old Metro if I needed to stop pronto.

    And your next April 1st story will be…?

  4. It’s a flattering proposal, but like Tim, we shall politely decline. Politics was never our strong point… :-)

    Also – we spectacularly revealed today that a brand new Ardbeg is planned for release later this month…. full shocking details can be found here:

  5. Yeah, I’m with Neil. I’d rather write reviews for the NME, and that’s saying something…!


  6. I thought he bought the book and title back from Calton – doesn’t it say that in the introduction of the 2009 Bible?

  7. Haha, just figured out it April Fools Day.

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