Leslies Bar

A quick exit from University, a fast black, pick up Lucas from his flat and we are off to Leslie’s bar. My lecture finished at six and we had been invited for a pint and a chat at Leslie’s (by the owner David) at seven so it all felt a little bit rushed. A deodorant bath in the cab and a bit of wax in the hair (OK we are not women, but it pays to look and smell at least half decent) and we were ready.

We had never been to Leslie’s. I had briefly lived across from there, but I had never been in, so this was one of the intriguing things about that meeting. The other intriguing thing was the subject. David had invited us for a chat. A chat about what, we wondered? The economic crisis? Football? Unlikely. More likely it was going to be about whisky, but we still weren’t sure what exactly we were there for. It was a mystery, and me and Lucas like mystery.

We live on the edge…


Walking into Leslie’s bar, you instantly notice a couple of features that really grab you. It is very much a traditional Victorian pub, and the main thing that stands out is the ‘Snob’ screen. This is a large mahogany partition that splits the bar. This allows patrons on the ‘snob’ side of the bar to avoid being known by those in the public bar, as they order their drinks through the hatches. The bar itself is very impressive, with Bryson clocks and other original pieces. It has a nice welcoming atmosphere, so Lucas and I pulled up a couple of bar stools and did what we do best, debate about which whisky we should have first.

I chose a Bruichladdich 10 year old and Lucas chose an Ardbeg Uigeadail (the poor bar maid had to get on a stool just to get this top shelf whisky, Lucas was just being difficult as always). We sat in the snob part of the bar (normally, we are with the common man, but this was business) and started our chat. Firstly David wanted to complement us on our Blog, and we love this sort of praise. Then we started talking about plans for the future. Without going into too much detail (it would bore you surely) we will be looking into having a good few events at Leslie’s because it is such a nice bar and has a good whisky list. First big one coming up on the 21st of April!

So onto what we tasted.


Bruichladdich 10 year old: Slightly smoky. A little bit apple cider-ish. Some peaches too. I expected a kick because it was just a 10 yo, but it was actually nice and smooth. A medium finish and a slightly oily texture.

It seems to be a bit rarer as far as whiskies go. I could not seem to find anywhere on the Internet I could buy it.

Ardbeg Uigeadail: You can read Lucas’s review here.

After having our meeting, Lucas and I sat and had a couple of pints. Leslie’s is a CAMRA listed real ale pub and has an excellent selection. We went for a Isle of Skye Hebridean Gold and it was lovely. Creamy, Oaky, slight coffee notes. It goes down far too easily!

Overall, Leslie’s is an excellent bar. Good beer selection, good whisky selection and very comfortable. The ultimate local pub.


Leslie's Bar

45-47 Ratcliffe Terrace, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH9 1SU, UK

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