A Quick Dram: Balblair 1975

Balblair 1975
Northern Highlands
46% ABV
£149.95 from here

Colour: Copper pot still and orange

Nose: Pears, creamy toffee and a slightly spicy raisin note. Rich chocolate and a touch of smoke. Tickles.

Palate: Spicy, bitter chocolate. Pear drops. Slightly fizzy on the tongue. Ever so slightly smoky and earthy.

Finish: Long, fruity and juicy. A real joy to savour.

Overall: A really well balanced whisky. No sign of overoaking but all the goodness you expect from a mature malt.

Person: Gorgeous and sultry. I am going to say Penelope Cruz (she was born in 1974, so it’s close!).


Penelope Cruz

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