30yo Black Bull a dream house pet!

Busy week behind me, even busier ahead of me. Chris and his Missus are in Sardinia eating and drinking themselves stupid in the sun, and I have whiskies to sample, tasting in Leslie’s tomorrow, a wee charity tasting on Friday, blogging to do, rugby game to play, university work, paid work… But you know what? I shall not complain. Life is good when drams such as Duncan Taylor’s new Black Bull 30yo are around to pick you up when you fall.

Pick me up Black Bull. Now is the time.


Black Bull 30yo
Duncan Taylor
50% ABV
Price in the region of £75 (wow!)

Black BullColour: Mahogany tan

Nose: Polished wood and chocolate on the top (Fruit & Nut Dairy Milk according to Chris). Further strawberries, pears and heather. Underpinned by a good whiff of gentle (non-Islay!) smoke and distinctive rum sweetness. Mature and elegant.

Palate: Forceful, smoky, oaky, chocolaty and berryish. Creamy in texture, super pleasant.

Finish: Sweet, juicy and fruity with notes of sticky cocoa and cherries. Later some BBQ bitterness appears. Long and gorgeous.

Overall: A bull of a whisky. Rough image, delicate heart. I admitted numerous times in the past that I am guilty of not drinking enough blends, but this whisky is a milestone in convincing me that I should change that! With its bargain price tag, Black Bull sweeps Blue Label and Dewar’s Signature aside effortlessly. Highly recommended buy. If you can get your hands on it that is…

Person: Santa – brings joy and warmth in the most natural way. Despite the slightly dodgy outside.


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  1. Blog spam?

    Anyway, this has to be the bargain of the year if the reviews are anything to go by. Think how much a good 30yo single malt will set you back these days…

  2. Greetings! Thank you for your thoughtful post!

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