Leslie’s Bar Tasting Night Pictures

Guten Tag. Apologies for not posting yesterday. It’s not like I was hangovered or anything… I just had a real day off actually.

To those of you who showed up on Tuesday – thanks very much, to those who didn’t – you missed one good night! Today I’m only posting Paula’s pictures taken in Leslie’s, our combined tasting notes and my pictures are coming tomorrow so stay tuned in.

However I really can’t wait any longer to express my gratitude to Gordon (no, not you Gordinho, the Leslie’s Regular Gordon), who prepared the most amazing whisky tasting nibbles ever! Pâté rules!!! More details with the tasting notes.

And now one very important thing I want to ask of you. Feedback. This was our first time in Leslie’s, you have seen their whisky list, you know what kind of deal we can expect there. Do you think we should make it a regular venue (once a fortnight/three weeks/month)? If you have an opinion, either leave a comment here or send me an email to edinburghwhisky@gmail.com! Also let me know if you have ideas for themed tastings. So far we have agreed on the “Whisky Galore” screening and Whisky vs. Real Ale tasting.