Leslie’s Bar Night: Tasting Notes

At last some tasting notes from Tuesday. I must warn you, they are slightly special. We started off pretty good but then, as whisky and chasers affected our nervous systems, we slid off into abstraction and, quite often, near-insanity in what we were saying. But never mind. It’s not like people around the world will read it and laugh at us, right?


Longmorn 16yo
46% ABV

Nose: Honeycomb, honey ice-cream, ice-cream cone/biscuits, quite sweet yet a bit peppery.

When we tasted it with Chris beforehand, in a slightly more controlled environment (with no haggis aftertaste and scents of 25 different perfumes and aftershaves around us), we thought it smelled of peaches, melon, furniture polish, lemon, cream, alcohol-infused processed cherries, custard and vanilla.

The verdict on the nose is complex but bright.

Palate: Quite stingy and fresh for its age. Notes of apple, honey, liquorice, mint and a touch of bitterness.

Our tasting a few days earlier showed wine, coconut, marmalade and pleasure (if you don’t know how pleasure tastes, don’t worry, Longmorn is here to help)!

Finish: Pretty. Soft mouthfeel, developing. Ever so slightly grassy and woody. Not too long.

Overall: Easy drinking but still challenging. Elusive and exciting. Very good.

Person: Christina Aguilera singing ‘Ginny In The Bottle’


Mortlach 19yo
57.6% ABV
Bottler: Cadenhead

Nose: Green apples, Granny Smith apples, Green Fairy liquid, floral, fresh hazelnuts, dark roses, rose oil, stewed rhubarb, perfume, burnt cherry wood, chocolate fudge with spices.

Palate: Pineapple, pencil, tonnes of cloves, serious bitterness, smoky at the back. Chewy and oily.

Finish: Oops, failed to take any notes…

Overall: Amazing, warming dram. A grower, improves significantly with water (no surprise really). Arguably even better than Flora & Fauna 16yo bottling.

Gordon C – There is a touch of sulphur with water…
Andy T – Ah, the auld enemy!
Euan M – Gordon is like a 1950′s American looking for communists.


Springbank 10yo 100 proof
57% ABV

Nose: Green vegetable, nougat, dog biscuits, acetone, baked apples with vanilla sugar and spice (Definition of baked apple by Andy T: apple that’s been taken and placed in the oven). Warming. Resembles Bruichladdich.

Palate: Smoke and lemon, dog biscuits again (sorry, that’s Euan), “plenty salty”, toffee, bacon. Improves through the roof with water.

Finish: Oily. Tequila.

Overall: Shockingly for us, not as good as the standard 10yo. Still quite liked it though. Takes sea of water.


Caol Ila 13yo
60.8% ABV

Nose: Fabulous. Very rich smoke, cherry and lollypop. Whisky fudge. My notebook shows a rather clumsy drawing of a fist with the thumb pointing upwards. I don’t remember creating this masterpiece, but it’s unmistakably mine.

Palate: Spicy then smoky, briny and sweet. Oily and gorgeous. BBQ ribs and BBQ sauce on BBQ fish (direct quote from the original notes). Liquorice and Kinder Eggs. Between the initial spicy burst and the smoky surge, loads of vanilla on the back of your palate (pretentious enough?).

Finish: Long and packed with smoke, bitter. Lovely.

Overall: According to Paula, it gives you wintery feeling, has the warming factor and makes you want to… purl. Did I hear you right? Anyway, we loved it. Only Gordon wasn’t impressed, but Ruth called him a whisky-snob for that and insisted I quote her. So there you go, a quote: “Gordon, you are a whisky-snob”.



  1. So, which of these wins the “trophy”? ;)

  2. That Caol Ila was enough to make me purrrrr. Purling is something your granny does with her knitting! Definitely not something to be associated with that whisky!

  3. Why not… I can imagine my granny purling and sipping on some peat monster :)

  4. I have never heard the word purling in my life. Shows how much I know about knitting ;)

  5. You’se are very welcome to come back regularly. Just to let you know leslies are doing ANY 4 whiskies or 2 doubles for £10 for the Homecoming whisky month this month, so basically the same as the tasting but your choice!!

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