Sardinia and a Whisky

Tuesday at Leslie’s Bar looked like great fun! Many of you will have been wondering ‘where is Chris?’

Well, I snuck off for a wee well deserved holiday with the missus and left Lucas in charge. I had 5 days of sun, sea sand and copious amounts of Italian Wine, and I hardly thought about Whisky (very strange for me). But on our last day, when we got to the airport, that was it, I had an urge for one right there and right then. I also felt a pang of guilt for not doing any work while I was away, so I thought I would have a Whisky and write about it (business and pleasure go hand in hand…). Searching all of our bags, I found we had spent all our money. I went to the bar and asked if they took card. The answer was no.

Disaster, or so I thought. Stood looking forlornly at the bar, lost in my own thoughts and cravings, I felt gutted. Then I heard a voice from the skies (from behind) saying ‘what would you like?’
One of the friendly Italians had seen me looking so sad and offered to buy me a drink! After me saying ‘no no, you are far too generous’ he got me a Glen Grant 5 year old.

This is, no doubt, the top whisky in Sardinia. There was a fair bit of Vat 69 and there were some bars that had a selection of many blends and single malts, but by far the most distributed was the Glen Grant 5 year old. I had never tried it before. And I tried to ignore my prejudices towards 5 year old Whiskies…

Glen Grant 5 year old

Colour: Olive Oil (Appropriately)

Nose: Grassy, but not much else. Very mild

Palate: Grapes and bitter lemons. A slight off note and scent of artificial sweetener. A dash of heather.

Finish: Quick and dry.

Overall: I admit, it’s not my cup of tea. It could work as an aperitif, because of the dryness, but on the whole, I just think it’s too young. It needs another couple of years to give it a bit of flavour I am looking for.

Talking of cups of tea, the missus suggested mixing it with her Fruits of the Forest tea, and this made it a little more palatable.


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