Old Pulteney 30 yo Tasted!

Old Pulteney 30 yo
Northern Highlands
Pre-release sample
Available: God knows when

Colour: Tinned peach syrup with a touch of light olive oil

Nose: If you are planning holidays in a hot country – don’t – buy this instead and have your own tropical island at home. Mango and coconut lead the way but are quickly followed by a burst of pineapple, pears, yellow melons, guava, ripe lemons, red oranges, kiwi and a touch of banana. Do you think we exaggerate? Not a single bit. The fruity complexity of this whisky is simply stunning. Every now and then you catch a glimpse of maturity in  the aromas of walnut, marzipan, Kinder Bueno filling and elder flower. With water light oakiness, orange  and chocolate build up… If there was such a thing as white chocolate Jaffa Cakes, that would be it. There is a hint of rich white wine to it too I think. Overall it doesn’t really smell like whisky… more like some super sophisticated fruit cocktail. Amazing. No sign of over-mature aromas, but also no sign acetone tickling from the earlier expressions.

Palate: Peaches, jam and pineapple to start with. Surge of white chocolate and honey. It is lemon-fizzy like your standard Pulteney but in the same time has unbelievable milky texture. It sits firmly on the palate. Super nice.

Finish: This is where maturity shows its claws! Oak and dark chocolate sit tight bang in the middle of the tongue, followed by waves of coffee and The Dark Side Of The Fruit. The finish transforms the experience and wraps it up.

Overall: The complete Old Pulteney. I can not imagine a better one ever being made.

Person: Claudia Schiffer – maturity without wrinkles and inches, every man’s (and almost every woman’s) perfect desert island partner


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  1. how much is this gona cost? sounds terrific… but how much $$$

  2. This is super unofficial, but most possibly it’s going to retail in the region of £250… in the UK that is.

  3. Hey it’s out now and you can get it on the Old Pulteney website. You can win a bottle here http://www.oldpulteney.com/30yearold

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