A quick rant and a quick dram

Occasionally, I go on a rant. Occasionally. This is one of these occasions.

This is the story. After a particularly enjoyable Easter, including lots of food, drink and merriment, I take a hungover glance at our Blog. What I see makes me one unhappy Easter bunny. 60 pieces of spam. 60! They are either offering to supply me with Viagra or Pornography. For a moment I considered giving up the whole whisky malarky and going into Viagra sales. My sales pitch would go something like ‘so you have a problem downstairs? Never fear, Chris is here!’

OK maybe I should stick to whisky. But seriously, this amount of spam is crazy. I deleted all of these entries and went back to my hangover cures (Irn Bru, coffee and bacon rolls). The next day, another 40! Why won’t these spammers get the message.

I left posting this for a couple of weeks just to see if the spammers were going to spam as much after Easter. The barrage has ebbed, which suggests to me that while normal people are enjoying their Easter, spammers all get together and inundate websites with their generous Viagra offers.

The spam takes many forms but the most annoying is the spam that is just a huge amount of text that doesn’t make any sense. The text has loads of links, which if you click on them will either destroy your computer or allow hackers to break into your head and brainwash you to do their bidding (OK that last bit may not be true). Argh!

Right, rant over! To calm myself down, I am having a quick dram.


Quick Dram: Johnnie Walker Black Label 12yo

Colour: A light waxy gold

Nose: Fiery, apples. A slight hint of smoke and mouthwash. A touch of vanilla and toffee. I could be crazy, but cola bottle sweets also come to mind.

Palate: Heather and that little bit of smoke that was on the nose. Very smooth going down.

Finish: Oaky and gone very quickly

Overall: It has to go in my top 5 blends. I reckon I could trick a fair few people into thinking it was a single malt. Plain, simple and enjoyable.

Person: Sweet, smooth smoky and elusive. Hmm, I am going to say Michael Jackson (singer) in the ‘Smooth Criminal’



  1. One has to love your wee rant, Chris. Especially that one is affected by it just a much but is not too bothered;P

    Take is as a sign of popularity (although it’s not as simple as that)…

  2. Light and waxy in colour? That’s Jacko hands down.

  3. Agreed – with it being one of my favorite blends. Simply wonderful. No nonsense, but deserving of attention. Wondering, what would your top five list of blends be?

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