To have a girlfriend in every port…

Port Askaig

Our friend and occasional guest blogger, Euan, has just passed his selection for Royal Navy College in Dartmouth. Congratulations.

Rachel Barrie, a Master Blender for Glenmorangie, delivered a fabulous Ardbeg tasting last night in Whiski Bar in Edinburgh (they run more tastings this month, just click on the link). After our second dram we were convinced she was the cutest girl ever born, after the third we almost had a punch-up over who should propose to her first, and after the fourth we reasonably (wisdom always comes with the fourth dram!) decided to join forces and take care of her man first (children we can adopt, no problem).

A couple of days ago Chris and I enjoyed a few well deserved drams of a superb new Islay single malt release from Speciality Drinks called Port Askaig.

Over the past week, the delicate balance between sampling whisky and writing about it was… er… nonexistent, and we were sampling far more than we were able to write about. We were like dogs that never got fed properly. I don’t know if you have ever met such a dog. I have.

We have also sorted our transport to Islay for the Festival. Our dear panelist, Paula, will kindly lend us space in her Lamborghini… and we will go on a big boat for 2h which I am sooo looking forward to!

We are all set for a tasting of Isle of Jura 16yo with a big panel and we have also prepared a naval battle between Scotland and England in its purest form of… drinking new spirits.

Now a question. Do you notice a trend? Is it just me, or everything that has been happening to us recently has something to do with whisky (unsurprising), women (ever-so-slightly surprising) or sea (unexplainable). What is going on? I’d better ponder over my possible career as a sailor (a Somali pirate perhaps) with a glass in hand…


Port Askaig 17 yo
By: Speciality Drinks Ltd
45.8% ABV
£49.99 from here

Colour: Light white wine

Nose: Lemon tart or meringue, mint, crushed weeds, biscuit cake base, quite sweet. Elegant refined smoke, a touch of swimming pool and crushed pepper. With water it’s juicier, sweeter and fruitier. Bananas and grapefruit.

If Supernova is a bazooka, this is an épée!

Palate: Much smokier than the nose. Powerful, big and gorgeous. Sweet cream and gooseberry.

Finish: Developing, smoky, bitter and fine. As in Fine-Fine.

Overall: Yes. Super juice. Quality stuff. If the right occasion was there, we can totally imagine going throug a whole bottle. You finish what’s in your glass, and you instantly want another one. A treat for Islay lovers, unmissable.

Person: Keanu Reeves in Matrix in the last scene with a phone booth.


After a short, yet intense struggle with myself, I conclude that I would probably make a horrible pirate. Killing people is somewhat uncharted territory for me. Plus the necessity of having a girl in every port! What’s with that? One is usually more than enough for a healthy man! Right? I’ll have another whisky.


Port Askaig 25 yo
By: Speciality Drinks Ltd
45.8% ABV
£74.99 from here

Colour: Inside of a cooking apple

Nose: Serious syrupiness, green apple, overripe and soft pear, a touch of sanitiser and a handful of smoke. Grapefruit again.

Palate: Brown sugar sweetness, waves of oak and malt. Smoke nowhere to be found. Fizzy grapefruit juice.

Finish: Vanillish, nutty and sour to start with and then building up in juiciness like there is no tomorrow. Smoke present.

Overall: A bit more complex than the 17 yo, but not as intense and elegant. Still very nice.

Person: Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) in Matrix


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