Islay whisky coaching night… for £10

This weeks we are starting a run-up for Islay Festival. We will do a couple of warm-up tastings, a fair deal of preparation work, some shopping etc, etc, etc.

As part of accustoming our noses and palates to the Islay malts (as we feel they are not quite accustomed enough yet…) we will conduct a very important tasting exercise on Wednesday at 7pm in Leslie’s Bar on Ratcliffe Terrace. The management of the bar have decided to help us with the task by offering us and our friends any five malts from their extensive menu for £10 (and it is 35ml measures too).

If you would like to join the coaching team and help us with our build-up effort, please come along and bring friends.

So once more:
Leslie’s Bar on Ratcliffe Terrace, Wednesday the 20th May, 7pm start

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Any doubts?
Call me on 077 5624 7655 or email us on


  1. damn. i wish i were in scotland.

  2. What’s stopping you from coming?:)

  3. a great offer! we would be there if we could ;-)

  4. I wish the Bars in Buenos Aires had offers like this! Five malts for a tenner!
    Its £6 for a single shot here in an Argentine Bar!

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