Islay, the Hulk, Oscar the Grouch and the Albanach

For unforseen reasons, Lucas and I couldn’t make it to the Islay Festival. Gutted.

This is a picture of how we look right now:



But don’t worry, we are both big strong lads. A wee whisky followed by a rather larger whisky, and we will be fine.

Just to give you all some notice, we will be organising a tasting at the Albanach next week. They have offered us a rather good price on their tasting, which includes Signet. Exciting stuff! We will post some more information soon.

Currently trying to decide which whisky is going to comfort us while Islay is on. Hmmm… At least good people have sent us some quality stuff to get us over the pain. Old Duncan Taylor’s Bowmore bottlings? St George’s new make? Or some of the Port Askaig 17 year old again? Difficult choices. I guess we’ll just have them all.

From tomorrow on it’s business as usual on Edinburgh Whisky Blog so be on a lookout.



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