We lost the Kilchoman auction

You may remember that the first ever bottle of Kilchoman from the first cask ever filled at the distillery (2005) was to be auctioned during Kilchoman’s open day of Islay Festival, which happened to be yesterday. Well, it was auctioned. Unfortunately our bid of £20 did not take us very far… one Niels Ladefoged outbid us slightly and eventually bought the bottle for £5,400.

You know that Chris and I aren’t great fans (to put it delicatly) of super-expensive whisky. I have said that many times, but I will say it once more – what’s the point of it?

But in this case the price seems like a bargain actually. This bottle is a piece of Islay’s and Scotland’s history and, I never suspected I would actually say that, if I had this kind of money that Kilchoman would have been mine. Only mine! My precious…