Which whisky is better than bad sex?

Ekhm, ekhm. We got a bit lazy recently, I admit. But it’s all Paula’s fault! She has been emailing me all this fantastic material on Feis Ile and what was I supposed to do? Had to fire it out first, right?

Ok. Excuses.

But now we are catching up and fast. Today we publish our thoughts on no less than four whiskies. All tried last week in the Albanach with a bunch of our regulars (I think these days you call them “a panel” but never mind). Big thanks to the staff and the management of The Albanach on the Royal Mile and, obviously, to our dear panellists.


anCnoc 16 yo

Nose: Aniseed and liquorice candy. Light and buttery. Awfully quiet.

Palate: Someone said ‘it tastes like it smells’ and was quite right there. ‘Diluted Glenfiddich’ said someone else (ok, it was Euan) and, despite the fact it was mean, it was also correct. With water it sparks up. Gets chocolaty, creamy and slightly fizzy.

Finish: Soft white chocolate

Overall: ‘Too inoffensive for a 16 year old’ we heard, and then ‘not a lot to it’. It is smooth like hell but just lacks this… what do you call it? Oh, yeah! Character.

Person: Nicolas Cage. Smooth but anemic.


Bruichladdich 16 yo, Golden Cask

Nose: Vanilla custard. Nice. Lemon. Nice. Sea salt. Nice. Together? Doesn’t sound good but smells excellent. With loads of water it’s sugary and smells like… cognac (according to one of our tasters) and baby wipes / make-up wipes (girls couldn’t make up their minds). I thought it was quite dusty. No nappies this time!

Palate: Really quite bitter on the entry, then sweetens up. Tastes like skin (you can tell it was a fun night). With water it’s like ‘those cherry lips that taste like soap’ and like ‘Ferrero Rocher wrappers’. No, seriously.

Finish: Developing

Overall: One thoroughly enjoyable Bruichladdich. Now I’m off to find a second one and maybe I could breed them at home?

Person: Björk. Quirky and different.


Benromach 21 yo

Nose: Swimming pool! Wood shavings and damp wood (given that it spent 21 years in damp wood it’s kind of understandable). Processed strawberries, mint, nail varnish, fresh apples.

Palate: First sweet, then bitter, then sweet again. Fruity in the middle. Toasted oak, waxy, oily and thick. Cherry ChapStick! Spicy with water.

Finish: Biiiig. Loooong.

Overall: It divided us. Some were sceptical, some were pleased. It definitely has complexity and charisma, but also shows symptoms of “over-aging”. Wouldn’t say no to a bottle.

Person: Al Gore. Just like that.


Ardbeg Uigeadail

Honestly, we have written about this whisky so much it’s about the time we stopped. So we stop. No more raving about its depth and richness and punch. Not a word more about the fruit, the smoke, the chocolate, the toffee, the mocha coffee. Not a syllable about this “bad boy wrapped in diesel”, “the father, if not the godfather of the Ardbeg range”. Not a letter about this rich and mucky dram created from whiskies matured for long and very long in deep-stave sherry casks, including a 1974 vintage. Not a kilobit about recreating the 60′s and 70′s style of Ardbeg in this bottling. Not a single bit about this whisky being better than bad sex and, possibly, better than mediocre sex.


PS. I promised I would mention that Jason is an Espresso King. And that Nell’s grandma puts weed in her apple pie.

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