A Quick Dram: Suntori Hibiki 17

Suntori Hibiki 17 yo
Blended Whisky
43% ABV
You can buy it here for£59.49

Colour: An amber necklace

Nose: Pears, nail varnish. Strwberries, peaches and cream. Little bit of nuttiness. I spent ages nosing it and got some minty almost mojito notes.

Palate: Bitter caramel, rasberries, pears and that minty hint again.

Finish: Medium and spicy

Overall: The  palate is so well balanced with sweetness and bitterness. Maybe a little sweet on the nose for me at the time though.

Person: I am going to go for Pikachu from Pokemon. This Whisky is sweet, and I bet if you put that little guy on a BBQ he would taste pretty good too…


I’m seriously considering changing the title of this series from “A Quick Dram” to “Our Peat Cravings” or “Peat It Or Die”…


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