A Quick Dram: Laphroaig 18 yo

Originally I wanted to taste it alongside the 15 yo, but somehow, before I managed to purchase a bottle, the stocks were exhausted. Never mind. I remember the 15 very well, a comparison is inevitable and the bar is pretty damn high.

Laphroaig 18 yo
48% ABV
Available here for £63.99

Colour: Laphroaig Trademark Colour. Browny with green glitter.

Nose: Big, deep, round and warm… you can almost touch it! Caramel apples and lemon peel on the bright side of the nose; nutmeg, black pepper, wet oak and soil on the dark side. Salty butter and more fruit come out with water. Hardly any traces of smoke.

Palate: Unmistakable, unbelievable. Laphroaig in its ultimately elegant incarnation. Bitter yet sweet (but not bittersweet). Malt, tar, peat, super dark chocolate. Fascinating intensity.

Finish: Growing. Spicy and feinty. Iodine trademark present.

Overall: This is the kind of whisky that reminds me why I am passionate about this drink. It combines everything I love most about Scotch whisky: clean but complex nose, heavyweight palate, eye-popping finish… a great dram. Unfortunately the whisky bares an unreasonable price tag. Can you afford it? I can’t.

Person: Lennox Lewis

In my opinion it is better than the 15 yo. But I wouldn’t mind trying them alongside, just to make sure (hint, hint).


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