Competition rant follow up…

When I was publishing a few bitter words yesterday about the International Wine and Spirit Awards, I did not know (I swear!) that Mark Reynier had already fired out a post on his own blog concerning exactly the same thing (read it here). We even came up with very similar titles! Despite our disagreements with Mark in the past, I must admit in this case he is absolutely right. Great minds think alike…

The issue got even more of a spin when The Scotch Blog’s Kevin Erskine quoted Mark and added a few words from himself on his legendary site (read it here). Kevin points at Malt Maniacs and Drammies as examples of ‘good’ awards, driven from the bottom by the consumers, rather than from the top by the industry “E” people.

Instantly I thought, why not get together and create one big competition supported by the online community, independent writers, blogs and forums, which would be the true voice of the whisky lovers and would have the potential of awarding the most prestigious and, in the same time, non-commercial whisky trophies in the world? If the internet is the medium of the XXI century, and it is, then surely an award given by its users would be The One?

What do you think?



  1. I think everyone is getting tired of it.
    I am happy to bring in others to help do the Drammies :)

  2. Drammies is a great, established award and has a massive potential for development… Let me sleep with it and I’ll drop you an email.

  3. Speaking of Drammies potential…not least the possible addition of ‘The Blammies’ or ‘The Slammies’ for Worst Whisky, Worst Packaging, Worst Value for Money etc etc. There’s too much back-slapping and not enough righteous dirt-dishing in this industry imho. As long as they’re consumer-nominated and voting is in secret I think that would work, although not everyone would like it obviously.

  4. Yes, but Mark Reynier – never happier than when he’s grabbing the limelight – seems to enjoy a good headline more than the prosaic reality.

    Believe it or not, and contrary to what he’d like you all to believe, he entered his own whiskies in the IWSC this year and won quite a few medals. And his famed master distiller has been a regular judge on the IWSC’s extremely prestigious panel, which works with scrupulously policed blind tastings. Listen to the comments from your favourite master blenders on the IWSC website: they all support this particular competion.

    And the Laddie website boldly (and rightly) lists their earlier competition wins.

    Consumer nomination is great and has its place. But so does blind tasting by Scotland’s leading ‘noses’.

  5. Mark Reynier is a different story altogether.

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