A Quick Dram: Balvenie 14 yo Golden Cask

A wee treat from Sam “Dr. Whisky” Simmons. Thanks!

Balvenie 14 yo Golden Cask
Rum casks finish
47.8% ABV
£45 (Travel Retail only)

Colour: Pretty, orangy

Nose: Sweeeet. And the more water you add the sweeter it gets. Banana muffin, apple juice, cherries, nougat. Unusual.

Palate: More oak influence than expected but still an ocean of sweetness and deliciousness. Toffee, fruit and spice. Glues to the palate.

Finish: Super sweet. Banana muffin all over again, brown sugar. Did I mention the sweetness? Woody overtones.

Overall: It’s so nice to try something that turns out to be very different from everything you know. You don’t see many rum finishes around ergo you never really know what to expect. This whisky is sweet to the extreme which is not my cup of tea really, but I must admit – it’s a beauty.

Person: Reese Witherspoon



  1. Sounds like one of those drams you give to your cooler-drinking friends to try to convert them to scotch :)

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