GlenWonka. A very Sicilian end.

GlenWonka, producers of the most expensive (fake) whisky in the world, have gone out of business. How so, I hear you cry.

Here is one theory. While Angus W. Apfelstrudel, Jr* (their whisky expert and master blender) was innocently going to buy some fruit from his local fruit store, he was victim of a brutal assassination attempt. With unbelievable reactions, he tried to jump out of the way, but his attackers were too quick. The gunmen were mercenaries. The identity of the powers that ordered the hit are still unknown.



  1. I blame Don Diageo.

  2. The word round the camp fire is that Don ‘Perny’ Ricard, Monseur Hennessy, Don Billy and his many sons aswell as Don Diageo ordered the hit.I heard the assasins getaway car was a sports car of some fame powered by some sort of multiple distilled spirit.

    (Chris, currently under protection, at a distillery with some of Edinburgh Whisky Blogs friends)

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