Manager’s Choice to be announced tomorrow?

Exciting, exciting, exciting. Rumours have been kicking about for a while now that Diageo will release Manager’s Choice bottling from their distilleries, a descendant of legendary Manager’s Drams. The rumour also had it that it’s going to be single cask, un-chillfiltered, cask strength from every distillery owned by the drinks giant. Now over the last couple of days there seemed to have been signs on the land, the sea an in the skies that this indeed may be true.

Manager’s Choice website shows enigmatic “All In Good Time” slogan and the date of the 4th September 2009. I’ll be damned if that’s not tomorrow! However sad it sounds, I’ll be on my laptop at midnight refreshing like a man possessed.

For now all we have is a promo video from YouTube (which is, in my opinion quite good) and a picture leaked to a Danish forum… which for our legal safety we will not publish (it’s poor quality anyway).


  1. waiting eagerly. ;)


  2. £250 a bottle! I’ll stick with the SMWS at £40ish.

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