Try a Manager’s Choice in Edinburgh

If just like me you can not quite afford a bottle from the Diageo’s Manager’s Choice range (first six bottlings out of 27 are out, scroll down for more info) but you are really curious to know what the fuss is all about and just how good single cask Mortlach, Cardhu or Oban can actually be, there is a chance for you to try them all. Given that you live in or not far from Edinburgh that is.

The Scotch Whisky Experience on the Edinburgh’s Royal Mile currently serves all six malts from the first release. To the best of our knowledge, for now it is the only bar in the world that does that. What’s more, as soon as the next 6 are available in a few weeks, they will jump straight on the bar shelf too.

Priced at £13, £16 and £20 for 25ml they are not cheap, yet still cost considerably less than the bottles. Chris and I will soon be jumping at the opportunity… well, maybe not jumping, we will embrace it… ok, it will be more like a light brush, a casual smile on the morning bus or something… unless we find a sponsor!