Benromach 10yo. Ssshare.

I was fortunate enough to receive a bottle of the brand spanking new Benromach 10yo with a heap of promo material attached. I had been waiting for this release for ages! The first 10yo malt from the smallest Speyside distillery since it was overtaken in 1993 and brought back to life in 1998 by Gordon & MacPhail.

Those of you who follow us on Twitter probably witnessed my ravings about it last night. But now is the time to ssshare some more! Including a gallery of great pictures of the bottle and the distillery.

Benromach 10yo
43% ABV
Available: almost there!

Nose: Strong sherry presence in the best possible way. Rich fruit and inoffensive sweetness. Powerful notes of crushed pepper in the front. Beautiful oaky overtones, very mature accents for a ten years old. Wrapped in a smoky whiff which is just enough and not too much!

Palate: Thick, creamy Benromach signature texture. Starts spicy but quickly mellows into a big wave of silky fruitiness and almond bitterness. Roasted chestnut and walnut shell. It makes my tongue stick to my palate!

Finish: Finishes long and interesting with autumny notes of decaying apples. Wow.

Overall: An autumn hit! No better way to spend ever darker and colder evenings than to ssshare a dram or two with someone. Big, powerful and charming whisky which comes well presented, at a reasonable price (hopefully) and doesn’t have corporate fingerprints all over it.

And even though I am supposed to find a fault in it to prove I am not that easily bribed, I can’t.