A night with Richard P.

Yup, another tasting/launch/celebration event is coming our way. We’re heading to a nearby village called Glasgow to see Richard Paterson, the Master Blender for Whyte & Mackay, drink some whisky together and tell each other how awesome we all are.

No, but seriously. It’s a wee event that kills two birds with one stone (bloody Scots, eh?). First, Richard wants to boast about his W&M 30yo winning an award, which is fair play. And second, he wants to tell us all about Diwali, the Indian festival of light. Now, that I found quite funny at first, but a quick YouTube search revealed Richard’s grand thinking behind it… check this out:

Now I’m really looking forward to it, we are great whisky-food combo fans here at EWB Towers! The event kicks off at 6.30, if we can get our hands on a computer, we will Tweet about it at twitter.com/EdinburghWhisky

I’m not taking my laptop though, after all it’s Glasgow, right?

Link to Richard’s blog


  1. Very cool. Oh the benefits of living in Scotland!

  2. We never got round to talking about the food! If we had we’d still be there though!

    Sorry it’s short and sweet but I need my bed! And Happy Diwali all the same!


  3. You got home scar-free? No jakey offered you a swally from his Buckfast? And you got change from a fiver for a taxi. Not a bad night then!

  4. “In Scotland we always give a generous measure”
    Apparently that was very true when it came to Richard’s dispensing of the thirty year old! Lucky gits.

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