A Quick Dram: Caol Ila 10yo Unpeated

Sorry for not posting anything up straight after my tasting on Sunday… but to be honest with you I had just finished a big piece of coursework and I needed a home-holiday from everyone and everything. But now, ladies and gentlemen, I am back with new strengths so watch this space! But first things first.

You voted for me to try the new Caol Ila 10yo Unpeated and once I saw that poll result on Sunday night there was no stopping me! I had my Islay head on and was ready for battle.


Caol Ila 10yo Unpeated
65.8% ABV
£50.99 from here

Nose: That 66% stings big time! I add water almost straight away. The spirit is very biscuity with notes of white chocolate buttons and marzipan, heaps of vanilla. Lacquered wood, sweet petrol… ? With more water becomes very bready with some floral tones.

Palate: Quite bitter and thick. Big. Apple sours and marshmallows. Spices.

Finish: Long, sweet and fruity. Citrusy.

Overall: The whisky is so shiny and bright yet big and rich in the same time. It’s like a small girl who can punch the living daylight out of a big bouncer. The house style of Caol Ila spirit is pronounced and the common ancestry with the heavily peated expressions is more than obvious. I dare say this is super interesting and the quality of the juice justifies the £50 tag. So get your Visa or MasterCard ready, this wee cutie is a must-have fashion accessory this autumn season.


  1. Sounds awesome, and 65.8% at that! That’s incredibly high.

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