Royal Mile Whiskies betrayed us all… apparently

Even almighty John Hansell got interested in this weird wee story! Royal Mile Whiskies are now preparing to stock the English Whisky Company’s Chapter I bottling (should be in next month). But it turns out some people think we should be boycotting English whisky because… because… err…


Arthur Motley from Royal Mile Whiskies said: “We got some negative feedback, mostly from American Scots, said things like, ‘how could you?’ and ‘you’ve betrayed Scotland’”.

John Kaylor of the Tartan Army: “It’s flattering that the English want to copy us, but what’s next, Shakespeare shortbread and the Lake Windermere monster? No true Tartan Army member would ever wet their lips with English whisky.”

Both Chris and I wet our lips with the English Whisky Company St. George’s new make spirit some months ago and we thought it was awesome. And we have one short message for Mr. Kaylor and other insecure idiots, on this and the other side of the Atlantic:

It starts with xenophobic chat, like yours, and ends in cattle carriages.

Chris and I will now be looking to get our hands on more samples from Norfolk and we’ll share our thoughts here. We may even consider visiting the distillery… even though it’s a bit out of the way…