Edinburgh Whisky Bar Crawl!

The Grand Edinburgh Whisky Bar Crawl is coming your way guys! We have just decided that Tuesday the 17th of November is the most convenient day for… well… us. We know it’s mid-week, but we are giving you centuries of notice, so that you can sort something out.

We will start in The Albanach at 7.30pm and we will stay there for at least an hour. The rest of the route is still subject to discussion. There will be free whisky involved, just like in the good old Leslie’s Bar days. The courtesy of distillers we will enjoy Arran Peacock (new), Benromach 10yo (brand new) and Glengoyne 12yo (not yet new!). Everyone who shows up gets these three wee drams to kick-start the night.

Oh, almost forgot. This time there is a theme: Aristocratic (fancy dress, private school accent, phrases like ‘off the chart’ and ‘just splendid’).

Hope to see you all there. If you want me to love you, drop me an email to edinburghwhisky@gmail.com to confirm you are coming (just so we have an idea about the numbers). Mind you can still come if you don’t. And bring friends!


PS. Euan and I are going to a new outturn tasting at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society tomorrow (Thursday) night. Expect a Tweet or two at twitter.com/EdinburghWhisky. On Friday Chris will be attending The Whisky Show in London, tweets apply. On Sunday, last but not least, we are going to The Whisky Picnic in Edinburgh. Wish us luck for the busy weekend and look out for write-ups.


  1. I’ll be coming along with bells on!

  2. As will I…………………

  3. darn it.
    i need to move to scotland.

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