BenRiach PX 1984: The best whisky I have tasted in the last 2 months!

I have remained firmly out of recent discussions about Jim Murray and his Bible of Whisky. The main reason is I think Jim gets a fair few plaudits, so does not need my compliments and has pots of money/success so any criticism I would throw just looks like plain jealousy (which it would be). If I was to say anything, it would be that the numbering system seems to work for Jim, and he is giving the people what they want (or that’s what sales figures suggest anyway).

I thought I would bring Jim up because I am about to declare my love for a Whisky, but as I am young and fickle, this love will probably only last a couple of months before I find a new one, rather than be a year long love or, in fact, 4 year long love…

BenRiach Pedro Ximinez 1984 (the one I love)
24 years old
Single Cask (#1048)
Bottle 187 of 279
49.2% ABV
£98 from them

Colour: Dark orangy mahogany.

Nose: Caramel, oranges, cream and dark chocolate. Grapy and waxy. With water: distinctly oaky and nutty

Palate: Really dark bitter chocolate and oranges. Slight earthiness that presumably comes from light peatiness. With water: definitely a little more peaty with water and a dark chocolate and warm finish.

What do I think? Excellent. I am very impressed by this single cask and would quite happily have it with dessert or just drink it on its own

Who is it? I am going to pick a track rather than a person. ‘Heard it through the grapevine’ by Marvin Gaye. I could imagine drinking this whisky and listening to this track going well.


BenRiach 1990 (the younger temptation)
19 years old
Single Cask (#970)
Bottle 55 of 195
57.1% ABV
Buy it here for 65 quid

Colour: Nice light golden colour

Body: Light to medium

Nose: Heather honey, vanilla, lemons and grapefruit. Banana juice too. With water: cinnamon and nutmeg added.

Palate: Definitely add water! With water: almonds, vanilla. Quite bitter and zesty.

Who will it be? Has to be another song. I am gonna go with Mustang Sally by the Commitments.

Olaf from the SMWS happened to be in my bar one day and we tried these Whiskies. He felt the 1990 was better. We would have fought about it, but as Edinburgh’s version of David Hasselhoff, he would have won. I bow to your superior knowledge Olaf, but we will have to agree to disagree on this one.



  1. You know I love you like a brother man, but your taste in music is quite frankly weird. I’m only glad your taste in whisky is much better:)

  2. Hello Chris

    I liked this whisky.
    I bought the PE9 and now I try to find this Benriach.I really enjoyed your recommendation.
    I tried some malts that day,I remember all of them,but the PE9,the Benriach PX 1984 and the Brora 25yo was the best.
    thanks again,after that day I got a new motivation and I decided what will my next target in this job..I hope one day I will recommend to you a dram in Edinburgh..
    see you soon..:)))

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