A Quick Dram: Pittyvaich 20yo

Pittyvaich 20yo
Filled in 1989, bottled in 2009
Bourbon cask
6000 bottles
57.5% ABV
£127 from here

The Distillery closed its gates in 1993 after only 18 years distilling. It was demolished in 2003.

Nose: Honey, heather, violets, apples. A very light nose.

Palate: Oranges, caramel, leather, earthy. Quite different from the nose. With water gets citrusy and zesty.

Finish: Rich and spicy

Overall: A really nice whisky, so much different from the F&F edition! Anyone got any spare cash to re-build Pittyvaich? Lucas?

Who’s it going to be? I am going to pick an Album. Urban Hymns by the Verve. Great Album, but never followed by anything brilliant.

Ps: Keep your eyes peeled for a cheep bottle if you like collecting. I don’t have the self control personally…


  1. From the sounds of things there really isn’t a lot the bar at the Scotch Whisky Experience doesn’t have! But just to be sure…
    I’m hoping to visit again next month or possibly January and was wondering if there are any old Laphroaig’s – the 25yo for example – or the other older bottlings from Glenfiddich and Glenfarclas: the 30yo from both stables or something even older from the latter? I’m keen to have myself a nice wee (although expensive) tasting sesh!

  2. James, as far as I remember everything you mention is available there. Including some ‘even older’ stuff;)

  3. Chris, you know I have buckets of money to spare! But investing in Pittyvaich? Do you remember F&F bottling? It was gash.

  4. Hot diggidy, as they say! Or should that be hoots crivens? Either way, it’s time to start saving… Thank you for the information.

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