More rules? Wohoo, we’ll drink to that!

spicetree1… And the voice from heavens struck upon us – All Scotch whisky must now be bottled in Scotland. And no column stills shall be used for making single malt. Oh, I almost forgot, and the phrase ‘pure malt’ is now banned from the labels too. So say we all.

What better way to celebrate the Scotch Whisky Association giving birth to another enormous volume of rules and regulations regarding making, packaging and even naming Scotch whisky, than with a dram of the Satan of All Whiskies, the notorious extra-illegal-staves-user, law breaker and general all-offender, public enemy number one…

The Spice Tree (a.k.a. The Widowmaker)

But before I dip my lip, a quick digression. Remember Tokyo*, that 18.2% stout from Brewdog company? Some time ago Portman Group, beer watchdog in our corner of the universe, decided that due to ‘members of the public’ complaining, Tokyo* shall now be banned from our bars, pubs, clubs and other establishments. It’s just so irresponsible! – they cried – It encourages binge drinking!

I can’t help myself but to picture my downstairs neighbours, the worst scrubbers you’ve ever seen, ordering £10/330ml beer in our local pub instead of the usual pint of Tennent’s. Someone is an idiot here.

I’ll leave it for you to decide who is more oppressed these days, an innovative distiller or an innovative brewer.

The Spice Tree (the legal one)
Compass Box
£33.49 from them

Nose: Carrot cake with raisins and lemon icing sums it up pretty well for us. It’s also quite autumny, oaky and a bit damp after sitting in a glass for a while. An impressive composition, very inviting.

Palate: Honey and cinnamon. Fruit salad with brown sugar. A bit ethery.

Finish: Creamy and long. Gorgeous.

Overall: We really, really, really, really, really like this. It blew our socks off and that doesn’t happen often these days. We are so getting a bottle each! If at £33 you don’t make it your xmas treat, you are insane!

Who? Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body. A beauty who’s been hurt and is now biting back.