A Quick Dram: Jura Prophecy

A weird name, an eyebrow-raising logo, a fabulously untrue backstory. It has to be the new Jura!

Jura ProphecyJura Prophecy
Isle of Jura
heavily peated, un-chillfiltered
46% ABV

Nose: Burning leaves and tires, lavender, liquorice, oranges. Briny and assertive. Big and fun. Definitely Jura, but not how you know it.

Palate: Awesome! Smoky and bitter, spicy and citrusy, powerful and clean. Delivers and then delivers again.

Finish: Lingering, dying slowly and softly.

Overall: Packs the punch where you need it. The most attractive Jura family member and the most exciting release from the W&M stable in a long time. Full marks for the juice. Shave £10 off the price tag and we’ll be buying a bottle.

Who? Tyra Banks. You would love to hate her but you can’t, she’s just too pretty.