Glenfiddich 50. We would like to make $10 bid.

Glenfiddich 50yoIt’s always the same old story with students, they don’t have money. The good thing is they are rarely bitter about it. But I am different. I am extremely bitter about not having money to bid for this wee cutie. Glenfiddich 50 years old has been released by the distillery earlier on this year, but only now the first bottle is actually available for purchase. Bottle number 3 will be auctioned in New York on the 7th December with simultaneous events running in Miami and LA. So if you have tens of thousands to spare (or invest for that matter), make sure you don’t miss out.

Personally I think this is the juiciest, sweetest, sexiest and meanest whisky packaging ever. I actually desire it. Shame the whisky will never be drunk, eh?

My only hope is that everyone will assume it is too expensive and won’t bother bidding and, by mistake, Glenfiddich will forget to set a minimum price and my bid of all-the-cash-I-have will actually win!…

…2 minutes later:

I’ve just checked and I have £10 until the next pay-day. I guess I can buy just about $10 for it these days, therefore my official bid for bottle #3 of Glenfiddich 50 is $10 and a banner on Edinburgh Whisky Blog (for ever!).