It’s our Birthday soon!

It’s the Edinburgh Whisky Blog’s birthday soon. Our little creation is going to be 1 on January 12th. I feel so proud, emotional and… I… I… promised myself I wouldn’t cry. Ok Chris, pull yourself together.

So what are Lucas and I going to do to celebrate? Spend a night drinking on our own? Go to the Bahamas with the billions we’ve made from the Blog?

No. We are planning an epic Birthday party! This post is to let you know to free up your diary (the celebrations will take place in the evening). Other than that, pretty much everything else is going to be a surprise. All we can say is:  great venue, great music, great food, great drink, what have you…

If you have any early questions please drop us an email to


  1. I would love to come (along with my better half) all being well :)

  2. Looking for flights, but if not, I’m hoping for a video feed so Denver, Colorado, USA can join in!

  3. Happy impending Birthday, chaps!

    I’ve only been reading since about July but I like what you do.

    Sorry I won’t be there on the 12th but I’d love to meet up at the Vaults then next time I lead a whisky tour of Scotland.

    Keep up the good work.
    Jason @ WHISKYhost

  4. Bugfrog, keep looking for those flights, we’ll make it worth it for you:) We’ll see what we can do about the video too though…

    Jason, any time! Just give us 24h warning and we’ll paint the city bright red:)

  5. La marque de luxe française, une unité de LVMH, est prête à ouvrir son plus grand magasin en Chine à Shanghai le samedi, avec un escalier en colimaçon doré et sur invitation seulement rez-de-privé où les grands dépensiers peuvent obtenir leurs cheveux fait tout en rêvant des designs sur mesure pour sacs.

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