Merry Christmas!

Sitting in my parents’ house with a smoky wonder number 76 from the SMWS in one hand and a Ferrero Rocher in the other (typing with my toes) I am mentally and phisically ready for all the excess of the hours and, indeed, days to come. I have some real crackers lined up; apart from the 76 there is one mighty Highland Park, one cheeky Arran, one teeth-dissolving Yamazaki and one classy Springbank. Since I conjured all that out of thin air (my suitcase that is) yesterday I’ve been a very popular man with my dad, uncle and cousin. Not so much with my mum.

I hope you’re equally well prepared and, like me, have someone around who you love and will be happy to share your supplies with. Merry Christmas everyone! Lots of love.