Merry Christmas!

Sitting in my parents’ house with a smoky wonder number 76 from the SMWS in one hand and a Ferrero Rocher in the other (typing with my toes) I am mentally and phisically ready for all the excess of the hours and, indeed, days to come. I have some real crackers lined up; apart from the 76 there is one mighty Highland Park, one cheeky Arran, one teeth-dissolving Yamazaki and one classy Springbank. Since I conjured all that out of thin air (my suitcase that is) yesterday I’ve been a very popular man with my dad, uncle and cousin. Not so much with my mum.

I hope you’re equally well prepared and, like me, have someone around who you love and will be happy to share your supplies with. Merry Christmas everyone! Lots of love.



  1. Merry Christmas to the Edinburgh Whisky Blog! Enjoy the Whisky!

  2. Merry Christmas. I hope it’s a good ome! Edinburgh is still quite snowy!

  3. Merry Christmas but…Argh!!!Ferrero rocher…I know outside italy it’s considered to be good but it’s not…Try an Amedei or Domori(or Debauve and Gallais talking about France) chocolate bar with your whisky, believe me…It’s better!

  4. Yeah, Merry christmas to you and thanks for the great blog!
    The Germans also love Rocher very much ;-)
    Domori’s really the best chocolate I tried so far, great stuff from Italy!

  5. HOHOHO…

    חג שמח

  6. J’ai été très heureux de trouver ce blog. J’ai besoin de vous dire merci pour votre temps utilisé sur la publication de cet excellent écrit. J’ai savouré indéniablement à peu près tous seul bit de celui-ci et je vous ai signet pour regarder de nouveaux articles ou billets de blog sur votre site.

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