Invitation To Our Birthday Bash


First of all, happy New Year to everyone! Hope you had a nice Hogmany and all recovered OK. We will be doing 2009 round-up posts of some sort soon, but first things first.

Edinburgh Whisky Blog will be 1 on the 12th of January (Tuesday) and, as promised, we are throwing a wee birthday bash to celebrate this remarkable anniversary. We would like to invite everyone who has helped us get the bloody thing off the ground (yes, we mean you!) to join us at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Vaults in Leith (Edinburgh) from 7.30pm on the day. We’ll share a few whiskies and some spicy stories, there will be a cake and a candle on it as well as overall merrytime and birthdayness throughout. Should be madness!

One important thing is to let us know you are coming. Please RSVP to or confirm your attendance on our Facebook page and we will send you a confirmation. If it’s all last minute for you, just call me on 07756247655.

Last but not least, Big-Special-Thanks to the SMWS team for making their beautiful function room available to us on such short notice and free of charge. You are absolute legends and may the Whisky Gods reward you with numerous children.



  1. Hi,

    I would love to make it through but the next couple of weeks I am on driving duty whenever our first born decides to make an appearance! Have a good one, though.



  2. Will do my damndest to get along – but as I may be required by the judiciary to help dispense justice at this point I shall have to see. Hopefully will know by midweek.

  3. lads,

    i would have loved to be there. a small pond is separating us from the scotish motherland…

    happy bday, from all your many fans in Israel.


  4. Hi Guys, many happy returns! Keep up the good work for which, so I have read a couple of times, no one really has to twist your arms quite that far!

    Greetings from a snowy white Alkmaar (Holland).


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  6. Wild hairy haggis could not keep me away from this bash,guys – count me in!:D

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